Why All Small Businesses Need to Hire a CPA | Lake Stevens Tax Service

Why Small Businesses Need a CPA

Many small business owners believe that a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is not a necessity due to the fact that they are too small, can handle the finances themselves, have a part-time bookkeeper to handle the accounting, etc.  In reality, small businesses are those that benefit the most from the expertise of a CPA. Read More

Why everyone benefits from Estate Planning | Lake Stevens Tax Service

Importance of Estate Planning

Many people question whether they really need to meet with an estate planning counselor, create a will, or name beneficiaries. Perhaps they just don’t own a lot of assets, or they’re comfortable with allowing the state to apply default actions after their death. Whatever the reason, those who doubt the necessity of estate planning often do so because they lack information about what estate planning actually is. Read More

How to choose the right CPA | Lake Stevens Tax Service

How to choose the right CPA

Now more than ever, an accountant is indispensable to the success of every business. There exists a daunting array of accountants and firms to choose from – from sole practitioners to huge national firms, from generalists to highly specialized CPAs.

So how do you choose the right accountant? Read More