Letter to Our Clients May 2019 | Lake Stevens Tax Service

A Letter to Our Clients – May 2019

2018 Tax Season is Officially Over

It’s hard to believe that its already May and tax season is officially over… but it’s true! During the last few months, we helped our clients wrap up another great (and busy) tax season. There was, as always, a lot of paperwork, emails, and nail-biting involved in the days preceding April 15, but that’s all been completed (the paperwork and emails, that is).

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Why everyone benefits from Estate Planning | Lake Stevens Tax Service

Importance of Estate Planning

Many people question whether they really need to meet with an estate planning counselor, create a will, or name beneficiaries. Perhaps they just don’t own a lot of assets, or they’re comfortable with allowing the state to apply default actions after their death. Whatever the reason, those who doubt the necessity of estate planning often do so because they lack information about what estate planning actually is. Read More

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